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Killing Agility

In their iconic book “Peopleware”, DiMarco and Lister said “I can’t tell you what to do to get a team to gel, but I can tell you 100 things that will prevent it” A similar thing applies to Agile. A … Continue reading

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Prototyping – what is the MVP?

What if you have a great new business idea, but don’t know whether it will work. You prototype it, right? Of course. But what do you prototype? How do you define what that minimum viable product (MVP) is that will … Continue reading

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Can we believe the Chaos report?

The Standish Group have been publishing the Chaos report into the state of software development annually since at least 1995 and the figures have been reproduced all over the place, especially when trying to explain why Agile is a good … Continue reading

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Agile is not a binary state

I was on one of the LinkedIn groups the other day, reading through one of the discussions around testing and one of the contributors stated that Agile “mandates specific practices” and that if the “real world” precludes you from “doing … Continue reading

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Agile already a failure in public sector?

The DWP has ceased all agile software development work for the Universal Credit (UC) programme. This is disappointing, but not entirely unexpected. Warning bells should have been clamouring loudly when it was announced by the Major Projects Authority that “conventional … Continue reading

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“Deliver on Time” revisited – the Iron Triangle

The ‘Iron Triangle’ known to all project managers is one of the cornerstones of the profession. Essentially, it defines the major project constraints of time, cost and scope (sometimes quality is shown in the middle). On most traditional projects, scope … Continue reading

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