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“Deliver on Time” revisited – the Iron Triangle

The ‘Iron Triangle’ known to all project managers is one of the cornerstones of the profession. Essentially, it defines the major project constraints of time, cost and scope (sometimes quality is shown in the middle). On most traditional projects, scope … Continue reading

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Coaching – the difference between stories and tasks

My first foray into operating as an Atern coach has been more enlightening and challenging than I had imagined. A while ago, I started working with a team implementing changes to comply with two separate pieces of legislation. Typically, the … Continue reading

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Integrating Agile into PRINCE2

Back in July 2010, I received an email asking me to comment on a white paper which described “the benefits of running PRINCE2 and DSDM together and to provide a general overview on how to achieve this”. To put this … Continue reading

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Laws of Project Management

Here’s a post I wrote back in July 2006. Amazing how little my philosophy has changed since then, despite embracing agile. If you are new to the profession, here’s my top 5 ‘laws’ * If you are not busy, you’re … Continue reading

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Agile Project Management – there IS a place for it

I mentioned on Twitter a while ago that, although we’re an agile organisation, we do employ Project Managers. To my surprise I was criticised – indeed derided – and unfollowed for it. Why, I wondered. Let’s be clear, I am … Continue reading

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