Getting feedback

I was asked to take one of the speaking slots at the “Agile in the Finance Sector” conference in London on 7 March. It was a great event and I was privileged to be asked to speak. My talk was entitled “Barriers to Agile Adoption and Improvement”, and having spent a fair amount of time preparing it, I was really pleased to get some great feedback via Unicom on what the audience thought of my talk.
Here is a short interview in which I was asked about the day.

My average approval ratings were:
Value 86%
Content 89%
Presentation ​86%​
Overall 87%

Not bad for someone who doesn’t do this sort of thing for a living. Perhaps I should, eh?

But it got me thinking. Feedback is always valuable, good or bad. It is at the heart of Agile, after all. I remembered receiving a few very gratifying emails over the last couple of years on presentations or training courses I have run. This sort of feedback is always welcome:

  • Once again many thanks for this outstanding training session which exceeded all participant’s expectations (and they were high!)
  • Overall – excellent!
    Content – sufficient to gain understanding of the concept and how it works, and its value to the business if adopted properly.
    Trainer skills – engaging, easy to understand, able to answer questions, able to facilitate discussion around the subject.
    Relevance – totally!
    Thoroughly enjoyable session, and if you need my skills on your team ever, if there is a role, you have a new recruit here! I totally believe in this approach, and I would love to be more involved.
  • You have an excellent way of keeping everyone engaged – especially with 28 people to manage. You used a lovely mix of techniques to draw out multiple thoughts from very different people
  • Thanks. I thought the session was perfectly well presented and its content was both inspiring and concise. Wealth of information.
  • And my personal favourite:

  • After your training I felt very motivated and incentivised. I now wish to work in IT Development as well and hope to learn even more and get involved in as many projects as possible. Very eager to use Agile and spread the word to others.
  • I enjoy training and speaking on a subject I care deeply about. And it makes it doubly enjoyable when other people get enthused by what I’m saying and showing them too. So the next time you attend training or a meetup or a conference, please provide the speakers and organisers with your feedback.

    I’m doing another talk soon at the Agilia conference in Brno, Czech Republic. Looking forward to it.

    About aterny

    Agile enthusiast and evangelist, DSDM practitioner, trainer and coach. Specialist in Agile project and programme management, governance and organisational transformation
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