Products with strange requirements

I sometimes look at a product and wonder: “What were the requirements for that? Who thought it was a good idea?”

One such product is SkyGo. It allows Sky subscribers to access live satellite tv on their laptop, tablet or smart phone. Brilliant, you might think. But while watching SkyGo on my tablet in bed this morning, it occurred to me that the only people who are so privileged as to enjoy this service are already subscribers and in a wifi zone with decent download speeds – and public hotspots in the UK do not (yet?) qualify. So they are either at work, and they should be busy doing… ummm.. work, or they are at home and almost certainly have a big telly connected to a satellite dish.

So this marvellous – and yes, I think it is – product is being used by people either too lazy to get out of bed and get dressed, or have someone else watching a different channel on said telly.

Further restricting it’s appeal is the fact that, so far, only sports and movie channels are available, although there are apparently plans to widen this to others in the future.

If I was the Business Ambassador for the SkyGo project, I might have the following requirement:

As a customer who cannot access a satellite-connected tv, I want to access Sky channels online.

Of course, the above is just my opinion and I am happy to be corrected. Anyone working for BSkyB care to comment?

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