An Agilist by nature?

This is not my first blog. I started blogging under a different identity – an anonymous one – back in 2006. It was, like this one, about my working life. But in 2009 I stopped. Just yesterday I wondered why and just a few minutes ago I went back to a few posts I wrote between January and May 2008.
Why then? Because those were my first few months at my current company. What made me come and write this post was that those early posts were about our initial adoption of Atern.
What struck me about those early days, looking back now, was how much of the agile concepts I grasped straight away. It was like I was born to do this. God, what an awful cliché! But I was also struck by how little I understood of the subtleties of Atern and why some of the details are defined the way they are. That took a bit longer.
Tell you what – if you’re good boys and girls, I will reproduce some of those posts here rather than linking to them. I might also take you back a little further; there one or two lessons I’d like to remind myself of.

About aterny

Agile enthusiast and evangelist, DSDM practitioner, trainer and coach. Specialist in Agile project and programme management, governance and organisational transformation
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