DSDM Atern Principles

DSDM Atern has just 8 underlying principles. They are:

1) Focus on the Business Need
2) Deliver on Time
3) Collaborate
4) Never Compromise Quality
5) Build Incrementally from Firm Foundatioms
6) Develop Iteratively
7) Communicate Continuously and Clearly
8 ) Demonstrate Control

There is nothing in these that contradict the Agile Manifesto’s supporting principles, but they do offer a different focus. The next series of blog posts will talk about these principles, discussing what they mean, who is involved and how.
I hope thereby to demonstrate why I believe Atern to be a robust and disciplined Agile approach that provides distinct benefits over Scrum.

Stay tuned

About aterny

Agile enthusiast and evangelist, DSDM practitioner, trainer and coach. Specialist in Agile project and programme management, governance and organisational transformation
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